Friday, January 9, 2009

Tent Girl

Ever since her body was found by the side of I-75 near Georgetown in 1968, “Tent Girl,” became something of an icon as one of America’s most troubling unsolved mysteries. Her gravesite and the location where her body was found had both become popular “legend tripping” destinations for curiosity seekers.

But in 1998, the dogged efforts of private detective Todd Matthews (who refused to give up trying to solve the cold case) paid off: using the internet, he met a woman who was seeking the whereabouts of her sister, Barbara Ann Hackman-Taylor. Barbara Ann had been missing since 1967 but was thought to be have been living in Florida at the time of her disappearance. Because of this, no one had thought to connect her to the Kentucky "Tent Girl" mystery.

Her grave, which has since had a second part added to it containing her real name, can be found in Georgetown Cemetery.

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