Thursday, May 26, 2011

Consider the Cobblestones

One from my Visual Slushpile photo blog:

In downtown Louisville, under every street, the original cobblestone streets are hidden beneath a layer of pavement. And beneath those cobblestones is soil that has not been seen by the eyes of man since the mid-1800s.

Anything that someone chose to hide under a cobblestone in the 19th century, or buried in the ground even before the cobblestone streets were laid, has been hidden very well indeed for a long, long time.

Just you think on that.


Nicosia said...

I am thinking I would love to take my metal detector over that dirt and see what kind of things are underneath!

Falco821 said...

Owensboro has some spots like that, where you can see the old cobblestone underneath the black top, doesn't last long before they repair the blacktop damage and it's gone again. Love seeing it though, reminds me of a bygone era.

Kitty said...

There are a few original cobblestones left on Rowan St. in downtown Louisville that I'm frightened they are going to pave over at any time now. They were most likely quarried from Corn Island (which no longer exists for that very reason) The little depot dating to the mid 1800's was recently destroyed without so much as a peep. Very sad considering Louisville literally began on that spot.