Saturday, February 27, 2010

Metallic Sphere Outside Plane

The MUFON case files have a recent entry by someone who experienced not only a UFO aboard a commercial airliner en route to Louisville, but apparently a case of mass hypnosis as well:

I noticed a sphere about the size of a compact car approximately 200 feet off the wing of the plane.

It was dull in color. An unpolished metal nearly exact in the image of a VERY large ball bearing, it was perfect in it's spherical shape. Always looking for a logical, scientific explanation to anything paranormal first,I assumed it was a tiny bubble in the glass of the window or ice on the glass of the window. I studied it for about a minute and was astonished when i witnessed it move behind a small cloud.

I immediately looked down the aisle and noticed many other passengers were looking outside the window at the object as well. I looked at the object again and noticed it never swayed, dove or maneuvered at all. It was very static in it's position. This made me skeptical. How can any craft fly alongside another craft and never move, in any manner from it's present position? Anything in flight is always fighting the physics of the atmosphere every second i.e. barometric pressure, wind, air pockets, friction, etc...

I looked for an explanation. Maybe some strange tether to a weather balloon or refraction of light on the window? There was no physical explanation. It was what it was. My mind raced as I tried to understand how something so non-aerodynamic could possibly create lift. I looked for some sort of glow or exhaust or any type of radiation to explain it's terrestrial origin. Nothing. It sat at one position with no presence of any mechanical movement. It appeared as if it was observing us, though there were no visual ports or windows.

I didn't take my eyes off of the object as I knew I was witnessing something extraordinary and oddly beautiful. I, for the first time in my life was truly in awe. We traveled into a thick cloud formation. I witnessed the sphere pass through a patch of thick cloud and never resurface. as soon as it appeared it was gone.

Here is where things got weird. I looked down the aisle to hopefully catch eye contact with someone who was witnessing this event and could discuss this. What I witnessed next shook me to my core. All other witnesses, approximately 20 plus, just leaned back into their seats and continued reading their books, newspapers and laptops as if nothing happened. Why was I the only person who felt as if I just witnessed a magnificent moment? Whether it was a higher intelligence or something we created, it was a beautiful moment.

I reflected on this for several minutes up to the final hour of our flight. Once we reached our terminal,I had totally forgotten the entire experience. How could this happen? How could I forget an experience that shook my entire core and being? Several years later I started to slowly recall my experience. Why did the other passengers not even have any sign of expression on their face after the incident? Why did I totally forget the entire experience until many years later?


Erin Kelley said...

I've had a similar experience in Richmond, KY. I was driving on the New By-Pass from my apartment, heading towards Cracker Barrel, where I was working at the time (this was in Summer 2003). It was early in the morning and no one else was on the By-Pass but me. As I crested the final small hill before you get to Cracker Barrel, I suddenly came across a car-sized, dull, metallic ball hovering in the air about 50 feet up in the air. I immediately slammed on my breaks and stared at the object. It was perfectly still and unmoving. After about 30 seconds, it suddenly disappeared super fast back into the sky. The way I describe it to people, it was almost as if someone in the sky reached out and quickly plucked it back into the clouds. It happened that fast.

Kali said...

This is weird, because I too saw the same type of UFO while aboard a commercial airline.
It was about five years ago on a flight heading out of Los Angeles.
We had just taken off, and I was looking out the window taking in the view - it was at that time that I saw a metallic sphere outside the window. I'm not sure how large it was, as I had nothing to compare it to but the sky.
When I recall it... I picture it with engravings on its exterior, but I'm not sure if that's just my imagination - or the way it actually was.
I was flying with my sister at the time and as soon as it went out of view I tapped her on the shoulder and said "I think I just saw a UFO".
She was so upset that I hadn't grabbed her when it was in view, and I honestly don't know why I didn't.
I don't even think i had time to realize what was going on when it was happening, I didn't react until it was gone.
When I normally think of UFOs I think of saucers or triangles with lights, not metallic spheres… it's strange.

I didn't want to cause any panic in the flight and nobody else looked like they had seen a UFO, so I just sat back and relaxed.

So far that's the only time in my life that I've had a paranormal experience.
I want to know just how common these sightings are