Monday, February 15, 2010

"Weird Kentucky" Book Signing at Costco!

I thought I was done with book-signing appearances for my book Weird Kentucky, but like Al Pacino, they keep pulling me back in.

I've been asked to make a personal appearance at Costco after strong holiday-season sales, signing copies for one and all. That's the Costco on Norton Healthcare Blvd, from noon to 3pm on February 20th.

Book signings are so weird; you just never know how they'll turn out. Sometimes people are lined up and shaking my hand and saying such nice and flattering things that I get a swelled head and need a bigger hat. Other times, you sit alone at a table with a stack of books and a sharpie, looking like a total fool - "but... but... doesn't anyone want my autograph?" Really dreadful.

And this being at a Costco rather than a bookstore proper, I'm assuming a lot of folks are there to buy macaroni and cheese dinners by the pallet-load, and containers of mayonnaise the size of anti-freeze jugs, not to see some weirdo from Estill County who paints scary clowns.

So, friends and allies, come on out and keep me company and give me some moral support here, k? I could probably use it.

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DH said...

I would love to come out and get you to sign my copy!!! It might even be a good chance to join costco???

The book is wonderful and it saddens me to see stacks of them sitting at Barnes and Noble with the 50% off stickers...I bought mine the week it came out and got the 'standard' 20% off but would GLADLY pay full retail for it.

If anyone out there doesn't have this book. GET IT!!!!

Meg said...

I would totally come to get a book signed by you! Unfortunatly I will be out of state and I have no clue what Costco is or where its at. Hah.

ThePreemie Experiment said...

It was great meeting you at Costco today. Thanks for signing our book! Can't wait for the new one to come out.

Stacy and Jason