Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BGAD to Blow Up Nerve Gas Stockpile?

From the Los Angeles Times, yet another disturbing story about our very own Blue Grass Army Depot:

Under the gun to destroy the U.S. chemical weapons stockpiles — and now all but certain to miss their deadline — Army officials have a plan to hasten the process: Blow some of them up.

The Army would use explosives to destroy some of the Cold War-era weapons, which contain some of the nastiest compounds ever made, in two communities in Kentucky and Colorado that fought down another combustion-based plan years ago.

Some who live near the two installations worry it's a face-saving measure, driven by pressure from U.S. adversaries, that puts the safety of citizens below the politics of diplomacy and won't help the U.S. meet an already-blown deadline.


Anonymous said...

It's not as if Seran gas spread all over a 100 mile radius of the area of Kentucky that I live in isn't the last thing I needed or anything.

Anonymous said...

Thought I would drop an update. I live in Berea and today on the way to Richmond, I noticed a huge plume of smoke rising around the depot. I'd say if someone wanted to get to it, they would have to take 499 that runs alongside the depot and connects Madison and Estill counties and take it until they reached a location in the Moberly area.

I have not received word of a structure on fire. So perhaps the depot has already begun doing something with their chemical weapons.

JSH said...

Yikes. Thanks for the tip. Callin' some peeps now.