Sunday, February 21, 2010

Notes from New Orleans

As promised during our Fat Tuesday in Kentucky post, our friend Terry has filed a report on her exciting trip to New Orleans:

"We walked with the Skull and Bone Gang at 6am from the Treme through the French Quarter (first time since 1819 they've ever gone through there!) and back- about 3 miles or so. There was a stilt-walker, and kid-skulls. They carried huge, fresh pigs feet and knocked on doors with them, saying, "Wake up! Do not be late, it's Mardi Gras mornin', got to celebrate!", and "We come to remind you to get your life together - by the time you see me, it's too late to cry!" The stilt-guy chanted "You better stop the killin', or you gonna have to come with me; you better stop the lyin' or you gonna have to come with me..." "Wake up out the bed!" They rang doorbells and rocked people's cars, and then hugged anyone who opened their doors.

I am pleased and proud to say I did not set one foot on Bourbon Street. We made it to one big parade in hopes of seeing the Muses, but they were late, and it was fucking 40 degrees and windy like Chicago. So, we caught a few beads and went back home. Can't wait to go back..."

"1.) with Ronald Lewis, who runs the House of Dance and Feathers (a museum he runs in his back yard in the Lower 9th Ward) at the Backstreet Cultural Museum in the Treme
2.) sewing feathers with SpyBoy Ricky for the Little Queen of Yellow Pocohantas
3.) with George, Wild Man of the North Side Skull and Bone Gang
4.) helping Ida Mae, Big Queen of the Creole Wild West finish her Suit on Mardi Gras Day
5.) Ida Mae's grandson Adam, a Little Chief wearing his first Suit ever."

Photos by Charles Silver. Check out his great photographic work on his website and his flickr account.

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