Sunday, February 14, 2010

White Castle Wedding in Louisville

Almost a year ago, we reported on a White Castle wedding in Laurel County. Now that Castillo Blanco magic has struck the wedding bells again.

WLKY is reporting that a young couple named Tiffany and John Galli have tied the knot in a Louisville White Castle. But unlike the Laurel Countians, who did it out of genuine sentimentality for the place, these two did it because they won it as part of a contest from The Ben and Kelly Show on radio station WDJX.

The "Ben and Kelly's White Wedding" package includes a fully-catered (well, as fully as a White Castle can cater, anyway) wedding, $5,000 worth of jewelry, deluxe hotel accommodations and a trip to Los Angeles to see Black Eye Peas perform live.

The ceremony was officiated by Judge Joan Byer and, humorously enough, the Rev. John Slider.

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