Monday, March 23, 2009

White Castle Wedding in Laurel County

As Billy Idol sorta-almost said, "It's a nice day for a White Castle Wedding".

On Saturday, March 21, a couple who met and fell in love at the White Castle in London, KY, tied the knot in that same restaurant.

According to the Corbin Times-Tribune, "The White Castle closed its dining room Saturday morning and employees transformed the fast-food booths into a candle-lit reception area. Sun streamed in through the restaurant’s windows as the drive-thru window was briefly shutdown so that the smiling bride could make her way down the aisle and exchange vows with the man she loves".

Their cake was shaped like a giant White Castle burger, realistic down to details like onions made of frosting. White Castle burgers, fries and chicken rings were also served at the wedding reception.

Bride and groom were seen bolting hurriedly for the restrooms about 30 minutes later. (Okay, I made that part up.)


Unknown said...

As a pastor, naturally my attention gravitated toward the officiant. Either he is very near-sighted or he has never before done a wedding (considering his apparent age, that might be the case). It's as though he cannot believe that the wedding service says what it says! ("Obey"? .... Really?)

Nicosia said...

Nothing says romance like a cheeseburger and fries!

my little apartment said...

OMG, love this...being from Lexington, I constantly crave my usual order of 2 WC burgers, 1 chicken ring sandwich, and a Big Red...but I mad the mistake of moving to LA and there's nothing close to While Castle out here.

I read Unusual KY nearly every day, keep it up!