Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dangerous Trio of Escapees

Three more escaped convicts are on the loose in Kentucky.

According to the the Kentucky State Police, the three escapees assaulted three Carroll County men - beating them and and tying them up in a house near Sanders, KY. The three victims were flown to a Louisville hospital. Richard Marshall, 59, of Sanders, is still there and in stable condition. The other two, Keith Marshall, 56, and Barry Marshall, 50, were treated and released.

The Madison Courier describes the three escapees:

Bobby Cockerell III, 31, of Jeffersonville, IN. Cockerell is white, about 6-foot-2, weighs about 220 pounds and has brown eyes and brown hair. He has scars on his left hand, lower arm and face. "Char-lee" is tattooed on his upper chest and lower neck. "Wizard" is tattooed on his left shoulder, and a skull is tattooed on his left inner forearm. He has a birthmark on his abdomen.

Jerry Sargent, 59, of Dry Ridge, KY. Sargent is described as white, about 6-food-5, weighs 210 pounds and has blue eyes and red hair. He wears glasses and has the word, "Panama" tattooed on his upper left arm. He has family in the Grant County, KY, area, and police said he might be trying to contact them. He escaped from another prison in 1974, according to court records.

Christopher J. Marshall, 49, of Monon, IN, who police said is not related to the Marshalls who were beaten and bound. Marshall is described as white, about 5-foot-8, weighs 188 pounds and has green eyes and brown hair. He usually keeps his hair tied in a ponytail and has a long, unkempt beard. He wears glasses and walks with a noticeable limp. His right leg is shorter than the left, and he has a built-up shoe on his right foot. He has a scar on his lower right arm and surgical marks and scars on his right foot, upper left leg and lower right leg. He also has tattoos of a skull with axes on his upper back, a chain with a skull on his right ankle and multiple tattoos on both arms.

These geniuses are apparently traveling together, which is, like, the dumbest possible thing a trio of escaped convicts could do. Maybe they saw O Brother, Where Art Thou and mistook its plot for solid advice. The truck they're driving around in is a dull green 1998 4X4 Ford Ranger pickup truck with a super cab and Kentucky license number 7824 BZ. The truck has a dent on a rear fender and part of the lower spoiler on the front end is missing.

Do not, not, not follow or interact with these suave gentlemen if you see them. They are armed and considered dangerous (Anyone who would willingly tattoo the word "Wizard" on their body is clearly not to be trusted).


JSH said...

Well, I swan. Just half an hour after I posted this, the news was announced that these ladies have been apprehended in Nebraska.

Larry F said...

Along the lines of criminal "non compos mentis", these three were, for some reason, trying to escape via northwestern Nebraska? I know that area and why anyone would make their escape that direction befuddles me. It's not on the way to anywhere except the Black Hills!