Monday, March 2, 2009

Pale Blue Light

This was reported last week to Kentucky MUFON:

"Saw a pale blue light about the size of a quarter in the top right hand side of my drivers side window. Looked directly at the object and it lasted about a second felt like a lifetime and it was gone. No Direct way to tell size or distance due to lack of surrounding objects. What was odd was how the light went away it didn't fade or change direction it was stationary the whole time. It just was gone. I am not a believer of Aliens but this freaked me right out. Wonder if it is some kind of military object or something I dont know just would like to know if someone else saw something tonight."

Unfortunately, the submitter gave not even the most rudimentary info about the location for where in Kentucky this incident occurred.

A similar large blue circular light was spotted in Bucks County, Pennsylvania four weeks ago (and is pictured above).

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