Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lexington UFO, April 13, 2011

From the UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock blog comes this MUFON file, allegedly depicting a UFO photographed Over Lexington KY, 4-13-11.

If you look at how sharply in-focus the UFO itself is, as compared to the blurrier tree foliage, however, then we have a problem. The utility pole in the foreground is in focus, the tree branches beyond it are not, and yet the UFO that is presumably far beyond is crystal clear. I'm inclined to say "photoshop fail" here.

Either that, or what we are seeing here is a very tiny object flying around in or near the same field of focus as the utility pole, which I suppose would mean it could be some crazy new super-small spy drone about the size of a milk lid or a Stridex pad or a guitar pick. Or maybe it is a milk lid. Or a Stridex pad. Or a guitar pick.

I dunno. What do you think?


enin said...

it doesn't look overtly photoshopped

but the depth of field does put it closer to the utility pole and not the horizon

Anonymous said...

Looks interesting, but it could just be a fake. One UFO incident I never hear mentioned happened when I was a Freshman at EKU back in the 90s. I was looking out my dorm window and saw what looked like an airplane that was going across the sky and burning up and preparing to crash.

I turned on the tv to see if there was anything on the local news about and there was nothing, then I called my dad a private pilot to see if he knew anything about it, and again he didn't know anything about it.

All during this time I was observing the object slowly passing across the sky while appearing to be on fire through my dorm room window -- it was fairly light outside at the time so it was a pretty bright object -- then it just passed out of sight, and I never heard any more about it.

Peter Brackney said...

You've encouraged me to post about my recent encounter last Friday (4/29) ... it'll go up as this Friday's post at the Kaintuckeean.

E said...

It appears to me that the utility pole and lines are actually beyond the tree. Look close and you see the lines are actually behind the leaves and branches. The tree being closer could be out of the field of focus but the pole is far enough to be in focus with the distance. The distant trees are also in focus. Not saying this is a UFO though.