Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I shouldn't mention The World's Largest Bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum without calling attention to downtown Louisville's other giant bat - the one that hangs off the side of Caufield's Novelties just a few blocks further down Main Street (And if you look closely at the photo on the Slugger Museum post, you can also see another company that piggybacked the concept - a plate glass company with a giant baseball seeming to crash into the side of their building).

Caufield's is a must-see for seekers of weirdness in Kentucky, as it has the finest selection of Halloween supplies, horrific props, creepy costumes, and assorted bric-a-brac and cultural artifacts. My theatre company, Catclaw, gets a lot of our makeup, costumes, props and other supplies from Caufield's, and a lot of my goth pals score much skull swag from there as well.

Don't let the cheesy "party shop" feel of their website put you off - the actual brick and mortar store is a mighty creepy experience. And also check the site for their yearly Halloween Parade!

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