Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Paducah Chemtrail Blizzards

The "chemtrails" conspiracy theory claims that the contrails left by jet planes are being augmented with various mysterious substances for nefarious purposes. Some versions of the story say it's for mind control, biological experimentation, weather control, and/or "Secret Weapons for Secret Wars"-type stuff whose actual purpose we could never fully grasp.

This fellow in Paducah shot some digital video of what seems to be bits and strands of white gossamer webby filaments falling en masse on a sunny day, and makes the claim that these are dangerous chemicals being dispersed as part of some evil Government conspiracy.

I present it here impassively, neither endorsing nor ridiculing it.

(Okay, I'll ridicule it just a little: instead of shooting endless videos of these webs and posting them to youtube, how about saving some in containers and having them analyzed by a professional lab? Seriously. Either you have a smoking gun or you don't.)

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