Friday, January 9, 2009

Pet Haven

For one of the creepiest - and depressing - places in the entire state of Kentucky, look no further than Shepherdsville, KY. That's where you'll find Pet Haven Cemetery, a gloriously gaudy pet cemetery guaranteed to bum you out for days if you're an animal lover. (And if you're not an animal lover, get the heck off my porch.)

While researching the Weird Kentucky book, I tried to interview some locals about whether the area was haunted by the wandering spirits of all these sad dead pets. All affirmed that they indeed believed it to be, but nobody wanted to go on the record. As one guy succintly put it, "Something about a dog ghost scares me ten times more'n a person".

More about Pet Haven on page 225 of the book.


Danny said...

Yes...that IS creepy...which is why I MUST see it! I'm guessing this is basically off 44 in Shep?

JSH said...

Well, I remember having a real bear of a time trying to locate the place, because the Google Maps information was way wrong. As I recall, neither place shown on Google Maps as being the place is correct, and I had to ask directions at a gas station. It's definitely in Shepherdsville proper, not halfway to Mt.Washington as shown on Google.