Friday, January 2, 2009


Pisgah is a very small spot on the map on Highway 60 between Versailles and Lexington, but there’s a lot of Kentuckiana of note here:

Happy Chandler is buried at the local Pisgah cemetery, William Shatner’s horse farm is nearby, and one of my favorite donut places in the entire universe - Doughdaddy’s - is located right next door. (Shatner donut-run sightings are rampant, not surprisingly).

But what most people are drawn here for is the famous castle overlooking Versailles Road. Known for years as “The Martin Castle,” it sat abandoned for decades and was long the subject of myth and speculation regarding its purpose and its reclusive creator, who died a few years back. Although temporarily set back by a fire, the new owner is renovating it and hopefully soon we’ll be able to do more than just peer at it through the majestic front gates and wonder.

And hey, if you find yourselves underwhelmed by all this excitement, don’t forget Keeneland racetrack is just minutes away from here as well.

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=SHOW= said...

I thought he was buried here where I live, In his hometown of Corydon.
I got on Wikipedia and it said he was buried at Pisgah cemetery. I guess its just a marker that sits in the middle of town, not a grave site.