Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dairy Freeze

The term "Dairy Freeze" has become a generic name-brand these days, with most shops independently owned and many of them never having been part of the original Ohio franchise to begin with. The variations seem endless - some are still the classic roadside cone stand, while others have morphed into actual sit-down restaurants and even barbecue joints.

Above: East Main Dairy Freeze, Lebanon, KY. Below: Dairy Freeze, Georgetown, KY.

Below: Middleburg Dairy Freeze, Middleburg, KY. According to Lady of the Woods, the elephant statue in their yard was a frequent victim of "elephant tipping" from local teens, and so is now mounted to a concrete base.

Previously here, we've also reported on two now-defunct Kentucky Dairy Freezes: Red River Dairy Freeze in Clay City, and the Cree-Mee Drive-in Dairy Freeze in Stanford.


Anonymous said...

Do you know anything about the link these Dairy Freeze's are supposed to have with Herbert W. Armstrong's Radio Church of God?

JSH said...

No. Did a quickie Google search and saw nothing about it. What's your source for this idea?

Daniel said...

I lived in Lebanon, and visited the East Main Dairy Freeze, both when it was that name and where it was J Burger. Excellent banana ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Well, someone told me that they were started by followers of Herbert Armstrong. And most of these Dairy Freezes that I've seen are closed on Saturdays for religious reasons but open on Sundays.

Anonymous said...

Also, they used to have copies of the Plain Truth sitting on the outside counter of the one in McKee, Kentucky.