Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Soreheads of Hartford

No one knows exactly why the sign welcoming you to beautiful downtown Hartford says "Home of 2000 Happy People and a few Soreheads", but there it is, bigger'n life and bold as love.

Even the city's official website makes reference to it: "Our slogan for many years has been the “Home of 2000 Happy People and a Few Soreheads,” but we hope you won’t meet them." No further explanation is proffered.

I wonder if the citizens of Hartford glance furtively at each other in suspicion, trying to figure out just who the soreheads among them are. Perhaps lovers in quarrels heatedly accuse one another of being one of the soreheads of Hartford. In time, it may become inevitable that an online registry of them may be mandated by law.

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