Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ride the Ducks

"Quack-tacular fun", it says here. Basically, it's a sightseeing tour of the area taken by boat, which sounds like fun to me, but I actually had previously assumed the whole deal was some sort of action water-ride thing. The website says, "Your Captain will en-tour-tain you with stories of past and present. Learn about Newport and Ohio history, the Ohio River, its famous personalities and its impact on the state and our nation."

The Ride The Ducks attraction's starting point - "Duck Central", they call it - is located at the Newport on the Levee Entertainment Complex outside Newport Aquarium.

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Bai Hu said...

In Singapore, we have another version called "Duck Tours". The vechicle is very cute...... on land, it is a motor vehicle, once it touched water, it become a boat.