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From 1970 to 1991, the MADAR Project proposed a connection between UFO events and magnetic anomalies, and sought to document them. MADAR, which stands for "Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automated Recording"), was based in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Because of its geographical proximity to Kentucky, a number of events in their case files took place here or near here:

  • October 11, 1973 - In Laurel, Indiana (about 40 miles Northwest of the Kentucky border), a report was received of "a classic flying saucer with a sound like a swarm of bees was witnessed at tree-top level by five persons for three minutes." (Writer Jeff Wells, incidentally, has written much about bee-swarm buzzing sounds being associated with Out-of-body experiences, UFOs and Marian Apparition phenomena.)

  • July 15, 1976 - At 10:06pm, MADAR tape-recorded an anomalous 4-pulse, 4-second disturbance, radiation 13 cpm. At 10:45pm, a mysterious green light filled a Bellevue, KY woman's bedroom through the window. According to her report in MADAR's files, "She cautiously peeked through the curtain and watched in bewilderment as the green light retreated, 'just like a liquid being drawn up through a straw'. In a matter of seconds the light was "siphoned" up into a low hovering object that was shaped like an inverted saucer a couple of hundred feet away."

    A few days later, MADAR starting receiving UFO reports from Mayfield, KY (85 miles Southwest of Mt. Vernon, IN): "Someone had phoned in a report to the Kentucky State Police at Hancock County. They thought they had seen an aircraft "going down". This had happened numerous times. I immediately contacted the Control Tower at Dress-Regional Airport. No aircraft was ever reported missing or crashed."

  • May 30, 1989 - "A 3-pulse 3-sec disturbance was recorded. The only thing of significance reported in the region were two sightings of massive rectangular objects that year. Two weeks after the May MADAR events, there was a good sighting at Frankfort, Kentucky."

  • December 28, 1989 - This incident occurred in MADAR chief Francis Ridge's own home in Mt. Vernon, IN:

    The table lamp we have on one end of the family room is equipped with a touch control and, for some reason, it turned on & off every time the phone rang! In other words, if the light were off and the phone would ring, it turned on the light. On the next ring the light got brighter, just as if you had touched it. On the third ring it would go off. For some reason the light control was sensitive to the magnetic fields produced by the phone ringer. Anyway, my son was told to put the toy away since there was a lot of RF radiation from all the new remote controlled appliances and toys since Christmas, but he kept on trying and kept on complaining. Then, within a minute or two, the touch light in the family room went out, then came back on. I remarked, jokingly, "I wonder if we have poltergeists?"

    At that point the front door burst open and my 13-year-old daughter and her two friends came screaming in, "Dad, come out here quick?" I ran outside. There in the east, just two-to-three blocks away, was the most brilliant reddish-orange navigation light I'd ever seen, and I have seen DC-10s on the runway. This was brighter! In the binoculars the bright red- orange light was alone except for a white strobe which was in the lead as the object (shape of which I couldn't see). It made a turn toward the southeast. There was no green wing light observed (could have been obstructed), and no white navigation light at all on this craft. Most noticeable was the fact that if this was an airplane or helicopter, there WAS NO SOUND? It was very low, approximately 10- degrees, and close enough that there should have been a jet or prop engine, or helicopter blade noise. Also, this was NOT an ultra light aircraft.

    The object, based on its departure path, must have passed almost directly over the house at low level, going west to east, then turning southeast. The object also must have been in close proximity about the time of the interference, affecting the remote-controlled car even before that, unless this was all a coincidence. The object faded low in the distance heading southeast.

    If you're thinking what I'm thinking - that this sounds in many ways like the Middletown UFO your humble author and a friend saw last month - you win a cigar.
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    Unknown said...

    Very interesting! I've long wondered, since many terrestrial animals seem to navigate/migrate by use of ley lines and other geomagnetic anomalies, perhaps spacecraft might as well. I remember reading somewhere the hypothesis that a number of unidentified crashes occurred because our then-cruder RADAR systems knocked out their navigation. The connections could be many.

    And the sound of swarming Bees to boot! That was the proverbial cherry on the sundae for me. :-))

    As well as being a fountainhead of superbly unusual information, UnK is also a source for nearly infinite link-threads. Just outstanding!