Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Red River Dairy Freeze

Here's another installment in our ongoing obsession with old retro ice cream stands.

The Red River Dairy Freeze, as its name would imply, is near the Red River Gorge in Clay City, KY. 4990 Main Street, to be precise.

Down the road a piece in Stanton, there used to be this place called Danny Boy's, but I'm not sure it's still there. I haven't been out that way in awhile and I wasn't able to find any mention of it in a Google search. Any of our readers able to confirm?

Note that both places use the same fluorescent tube bug-light.


Paz said...

Sadly, the Red River Dairy Freeze was torn down a couple of months ago. Danny Boy's is still standing, but has been closed down for some time and the building is showing signs of neglect.

Unknown said...

Like Paz says, the Dairy Freeze was torn down, now a florist shop stands on the site. Danny Boys is still there, but it is still empty and showing it's age