Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Harry Collins, the Frito-Lay Magician

Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery is the final resting place of the great Harry Collins, a master magician from Glasgow, KY. He was a spokesman for the Frito-Lay company for many years and would exclaim "Frito-Lay!" as his magic words.

This is easily one of the spookiest graves in the whole place. Harry's slightly larger than life-size countenance, hollow eyes, and crafty smile make for a very unusual statue.


John said...

I didn't know there was another Glasgow in kentucky. I perform as a magician in glasgow, Scotland. Here, we have a massive cemetery called Glasgow Necropolis. It has many strange statues but this one has to be the weirdest.

Anonymous said...

Harry Collins was my uncle's brother. I have been to his grave site and while it is s bit intimidating it is tastefully done while being an awesome likeness of him.