Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jackson Lane

Jackson Lane is a nice creepy little road in Big Hill, KY, less than half a mile from the Big Hill itself. It winds deep into the hills and dead-ends at a clearing in the wilderness where a small wooden stage sits under a tree, looking sort of like the kind of stage one might see at a political rally.....evidently there was some sort of event held here at one time.There are gravel roads and truck-made paths going deeper into the woods but we have not explored those.

There's also a very nice old abandoned house almost completely obscured by foliage in the summertime. Jackson Lane is a great road to go parking on at night although the area has a very eerie feel to it, like you're being watched.

If the legend is to be believed, Squire Boone passed through this area in 1770 and carved his name on a large rock in hopes that Daniel Boone would see it and know that Squire was back in Kentucky. The rock is now on display in Richmond's Courthouse.

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