Monday, June 9, 2008

Taylorsville Road

Better known as Highway 155, this road starts out well-traveled in the bustling Highlands of Louisville, then takes you out to Hikes Point and Jeffersontown before you find yourself out of the middle of glorious nowhere. If you follow it long enough you’ll end up in - you guessed it - Taylorsville.

Nearby Taylorsville Lake is a popular fishing destination and has the added bonus of being nestled in a particularly eerie wooded part of the state. Other points of interest along the way include:

  • A veteran's park in which enormous anti-aircraft guns and tanks are curiously juxtaposed side by side with a children’s playground.

  • Floyd's Fork Park, a 102-acre park that's often a haven for cross-country bicyclists, but is most notable to Unusual Kentucky as the site of alleged manifestations of a black floating "blob", floating slowly above the ground and moving as if possessing an intelligence. (Curiously, there have been "floating black blob" sightings with very similar descriptions that are said to have occurred many miles away on Stacy Lane in Irvine, KY.)

  • That special stretch of nowhere alongside the haunted railroad trestles where the Pope Lick Monster supposedly lurks. (See page 85 in your copy of Weird Kentucky.)
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