Monday, June 9, 2008

The Pigg House of Berea

In 2003, on our original Unusual Kentucky site, we complained about how the Pigg House, a wonderful old historic log cabin, was being neglected by Berea College, and was becoming a haven for unsupervised kids messing around in it. We wrote:

This ancient log cabin (tucked away deep in the wilderness outside Berea) is supposedly being kept and preserved by Berea College, but the place is dilapidated and rundown, and evidently a popular spot for local idiot kids to come and party, leaving trash and graffiti everywhere. Some of these kids were stupid enough to write their full names on the walls, along with the date they were there.

Did anyone listen? Nope. Three years later, the place burned to the ground. Here's a squib from the Winter 2006 issue of Berea College Magazine:


DontTalk2Commies said...

That place always gave me the creeps. I remember one night at a boy scout campout years ago, I kept hearing footsteps up in the attic. Around midnight, the fire in the fireplace shot up and that is when I started to hear the footsteps.

They were not heavy enough to be an actual person, nor light enough to be an animal. I did not sleep one second that night.

Anonymous said...

I used to go camping there with the Boy scouts every February...It was always very creepy and extremely cold regardless of how much clothing, or sleeping bags etc... You were using. I never did see or hear anything creepy though. Sad to see it's gone.