Friday, June 6, 2008

High Rock Petroglyphs

Located in Nada, KY in Powell County, the High Rock petroglyphs are one of several mysterious rock carvings indigenous to the area. They're said to be made by very early Native Americans, though there are other theories about people from other lands having traveled through this region, as well as the legends of the ancient civilizations that dwelled in Kentucky even before the tribes we call Native Americans.

Pictured here is a piece of the High Rock petroglyphs, currently on display at the Red River Museum in Clay City.

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Anonymous said...

As a boy;my brother,a good friend and myself found these two hugh sandstone rocks wedged in to the wall of a rock shelter on High Rock.The petroglyphs were on the side of the rocks facing the wall of the shelter.We could only see just a little petroglyphs,so we found some sturdy timber and moved the rocks . We thought they were from prehistroic times,and were very "neat".WE didn't realize how significate the find was.We didn't put the rocks back where we found them,instead we left them out where all could see.Over the years people came and went,leaving there names and the names they love etched into the soft sandstone rocks,destroying most petroglyphs.The petroglyphs you see are on the largest sandstone rock that remained.I have often wished that we should have moved the rocks back to the wall. g.t.