Sunday, June 15, 2008

John Riley's Green Garage

Sometimes I feel like my camera is cursed and that everything I take a picture of disappears. Take for example: the John Riley Auto building, which stood empty for several years now but still retained its classic peculiar shade of green to help beautify the neighborhood. No sooner than I took its photo, workmen and construction crews began fixing the place up and gentrifying it with a butt-ugly brown facade. Grrrrreat.

As an additional insult to injury, I tried to get some last-chance photos of it one evening before the construction goons ruined it, but got stopped, searched, and patted down by one of Louisville's finest, who asked the Million Dollar Moron question that all photographers just love to hear - "now why would you want to take a photograph of THAT?"

"Because it's green", was my smart-ass but nonetheless perfectly factual reply.

Well, it's green no more. And the Bardstown Road area of Louisville is a lot duller now for its passing.

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