Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Twin

Here's another installment in our ongoing obsession with old retro ice cream stands.

Still hanging in there since the 1950's without changing its appearance hardly at all in the intervening years, The Twin is a breath of fresh air that you'll find on River Drive in Irvine, KY. Their soft-serve tastes unlike any other I've ever had.

The other major 1950s ice cream stand in Irvine was The Zesto and sadly no longer exists, having closed down many years back. (There are still a few other Zestos still surviving out there, like in Indiana and South Dakota.)

The Twin is about 60 seconds walk from Irvine Cemetery, incidentally, so have a cold frozen treat while you go grave-spotting.

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Unknown said...

I also have an obsession with ice cream stands. I call them all "frosty freezes." I am working on a coffee table book of them. (Just the ones in KY.) My favorite is the Frosty Freeze (actual name for this one) in Ezel, Kentucky. They are known for their peanut butter milkshakes. I also enjoy visiting one in Frenchburg (Meniffee County) that is known for their cheeseburgers, Inez (Martin County) known for their "cajun fries", and McKee (Jackson County)-not known for anything but still good. On a side note, we live in Estill County and prefer the Twin to the Burger Barn.