Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cow Days

Mark your calendars, cow lovers! September 18 and 19 are Cow Days in Greensburg, and you don't wanna miss 'em.

According to KFEA, the Cow Days are "a fun-filled two day street festival sponsored by the Greensburg/Green County Rotary Club with lots of arts & crafts, food booths, country-ham breakfast, fun run, canoe race, carnival, calf giveaway, life-size plastic cow that kids can milk, pipe smoking contest, gospel and other music groups, talent show, and much more."

(It's unfortunate that the good name of Cow Days was besmirched by that hopelessly-played-out cartoon South Park, but I suppose besmirching things is what they do.)

1 comment:

Nicosia said...

A calf giveaway? I am THERE!!!!