Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 State Fair Attractions

The Kentucky State Fair opens August 20! Time once again for carny games, funnel cake, Freddy Farm Bureau, funnel cake, 4-H exhibits, funnel cake, the inflatable cone, funnel cake, rides, funnel cake, watching chicks hatch, funnel cake, free ham samples, funnel cake, pig races, and of course, my personal favorite: funnel cake.

A couple of oddball attractions new to the fair this year:

  • Michelle "Statue Viva" Harrell - a performance artist who looks like a statue and stands motionless, then abruptly moves and freaks people out when they least suspect it.

  • Timber Tina's World Champion Lumberjills - Female timber sports competitors demonstrate log rolling, cross-cut sawing, ax throwing and chain-saw carving in the South Wing parking lot. Yee-haw.
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