Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ray the D.A.

It goes without saying that the webpages of county attorneys and district attorneys are generally dry and dull affairs, with not much content to sustain the interest of those not directly in need of their civic services. For example, see here and here and here and here and here.

Not so with the official homepage of Fayette County's Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson. His website,, is chock-full of content, much of it highly loudmouthed, exciting, muckraking, and lurid. Ray runs a regular online newsletter and a radio show and a column and keeps tabs on all sorts of true-crime and weird-crime news in our fair state and around the nation.

According to one source, the national recidivism rate is 67 percent, but in Kentucky it's only 44 percent. Ray's hard-nosed style is generally credited as being the cause.

Plus, he wears a cool hat.

I often disagree with much of what the hyper-opinionated Ray has to say, since he is stauchly right-wing (Me, I transcended the phony "left vs. right" shell game long, long ago). One minute I find myself cheering Ray on when he rants against the stupidity of releasing dangerous repeat-offense criminals after letting them serve only a microfraction of their sentences, but then the next minute I find myself shaking my head in disbelief when he goes into ideologue-mode and defends the indefensible Dick Cheney.

Oh well, one can't win 'em all. Despite his ultra-conservative rhetoric that sometimes comes on a little too irrationally strong, one does get a very real sense from Ray that he is totally hands-on committed to protecting the citizens of Fayette County from dangerous scum, and not just lightly paying lip service to the idea.


Unknown said...

Ray Larson is the biggest hypocrite in the state. He is always claiming to be tough on crime, yet he had to be dragged kicking and screaming into doing the right thing and charging that delivery truck driver who killed that lady at New Circle and Boardwalk.

Anonymous said...

I think my dad was one of his friends. They worked opposite sides on the Walking Short Trial, and my dad said that he (my dad) got to meet the famous writer Aphrodite Jones during that trial.

I always wanted to meet Aphrodite Jones.