Monday, August 24, 2009

Sqecial Media Photo

Our recent post about Sqecial Media lacked an image of the building's exterior. Dutiful UnK reader JLK has submitted one, taken in 2002 during the store's 30-year anniversary celebration.


Unknown said...

Ah, there is 371 again. My office was in the old sunporch at the front of the portion on the the right of the front door. I see that somebody built a new brick wall around the yard.

I am going to dig in my memorabilia and see if I can find a photo from the Baptist Student Center days.

JSH said...

Please do, Rev! That would be excellent.

Anonymous said...

I remember when I was a young man going to UK a couple of cuties came up and sat down and taled to me while I was eating a sandwich from the restaurant that used to be there (Barry T.'S). Which made my day as I'm not generally the type of guy cuties come up and talk to. It sure hasn't happened lately.

Then, I remember another occasion when I was in Sqecial Media and happened to glance out one of the windows to see that a car had driven over some man in a wheelchair and I could see his legs and wheelchair sticking out from beneath the car.

Nicosia said...

I love Squecial! Haven't been there in ages.... It always smelled heavenly, like books and incense.