Friday, August 21, 2009

Attack of the Killer Waynes

That man! Accused murderer and noted Grimace impersonator Edward Wayne Edwards made it to the News of the Weird this week. Someone with Aspergerian attention for detail noticed that apparently "Wayne" tends to be a classic middle name for murderers:

Arrested recently and awaiting trial for murder: Jerry Wayne Damron, Taylorsville, N.C. (July); Edward Wayne Edwards, Louisville, Ky. (August); Anthony Wayne Thomas, Orlando, Fla., (June); Travis Wayne Baczewski, Austin, Texas (July). Indicted recently for murder: Heath Wayne Overstreet, Roanoke, Va. (July); John Wayne Boyer, Nashville, Tenn. (August); David Wayne Hoshaw, Norfolk, Va. (August); Kenneth Wayne Baker, Churchville, Va. (July). Federal appeal of murder conviction denied: Mark Wayne Wiles, Ravenna, Ohio (August). Sentenced for murder: Carl Wayne Bowen, Swansea, Wales (July). And, alas, comes word from Caroline County, Va., that John Wayne Peck, who made this list upon his arrest in 2007 for murder, was found not guilty by a jury (July).

Immediately John Wayne Gacy comes to mind, as well as (dis-)honorable mention to Wayne Williams. One could go quite mad pondering Wayneness.

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