Monday, August 3, 2009

Dovie's Restaurant

In February 2003, I received an email from one Rebecca Troyer, urging me to do a post about Dovie's Restaurant in Tompkinsville. As I am livin' on Creeps time, it's taken me until now to get around to it. But here 'tis!

I haven't actually been down to Tompkinsville in a few years, but I hear-tell lots of good things about Dovie's, and next time I find myself in Monroe County, I plan on making a point of getting a Dovieburger, squozed.

Squozed? Squozed. At Dovie's, they offer their burgers squozed or unsquozed, meaning they will or will not squeeze all the hot grease out with the spatula before serving. The Dovie burger, you see, is deep fried. Immersed completely in hot oil. They also offer deep-fried hot dogs, ham and cheese, ham and egg, or bologna and egg sandwiches. It ain't fer vegans. Still, they're using soybean oil, which is better for you, I suppose, than recycled bacon skillet scrapings. I suppose.

KET's Kentucky Life did a segment about them, which you can watch online here.

(Bonus Tompkinsville trivia: 70s/80s NFL football star Elois Grooms was born and raised here. Whatever happened to ol' Elois?)

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