Thursday, August 20, 2009

Carroll Blue Nash

Parapsychology expert Carroll Blue Nash was born in 1914 in Louisville. His mother had a keen interest in spiritualism which influenced him in his youth to accept the possibilities of the paranormal. As a child, Carroll visited spiritualist camps and attended seances. He was unconvinced of the authenticity of these displays, and this was the impetus for his taking up formal scientific research on such matters in his adulthood.

He studied at George Washington University, Washington, D.C. and the University of Maryland, and went on to a teaching career in zoology and biology. However, parapsychology remained his true passion, and in 1939 he organized a historic series of ESP experiments utilizing dice, rather than cards, which involved psychokinesis as well as what would later be known as Remote Viewing. For these experiments, he used his own University of Arizona zoology students as test subjects.

By 1948, Nash had set up his very own parapsychology department at St. Joseph's College in Maryland. This was observed with great interest by the OSS and later by the NSA. I'm curious if Nash's path ever crossed with Alfred M. Hubbard's?

In 1988, Nash authored a book, Parapsychology : The Science of Psiology, which remains a highly popular item with ESP enthusiasts to this day. The internet doesn't reflect much of his important and long career for some reason, with only scant information available - I can't even find a photo of the man. A Google search did turn up a reference to an article for Zetetic Scholar magazine, and an odd 1973 interview with Bawa Muhaiyaddeen.

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