Sunday, February 1, 2009

Skull found in Daviess County

A few days ago a human skull was found in the Sorgho Baptist Cemetery, off of State Route 1554.

Daviess County Sheriff Officers came to Sorgho and recovered the skull for analysis. According to County Coroner Bob Howe, the skull was that of a human male.

The sheriff's officials have ruled out foul play in the belief that the skull was "probably" related to construction going on nearby, resulting in an unmarked grave being accidentally stirred up. So, uh, where's the rest of this guy? Is anyone looking? And should foul play be ruled out so quickly when it's some dead guy's head we're talking about here?

According to WEHT-TV, Howe also provided an alternative to the construction theory, pointing out that it's a "common problem" for cemeteries to have gophers digging into old caskets and unearthing bones.

Er... okay. Gophers, he said. Gophers. Right.

Maybe a patella or a fragment of ulna, but do little gophers really unearth and cart off entire skulls? And at the risk of sounding repetitive and pedantic, where's the rest of this guy?

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