Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Floracliff Nature Preserve, located in southern Fayette County, is an amazing 287-acre haven for wildlife, especially known for its varied collection of wildflower species. But what interests me most about it is an enormous weird mineral tufa.

According to naturepreservesky.gov:

"Floracliff also harbors a significant geological feature. Below Elk Lick Falls is a tufa formation, which resembles a frozen waterfall. It is considered one of the best tufa formations in the eastern United States. Similar to stalagmites in caves, tufas are formed when minerals within dripping water are deposited on a surface. Travertine is the primary mineral composing this tufa. The formation is 61 feet high and 8-12 feet in diameter. The rich flora, ravines, cliffs and waterfalls of Floracliff make it one of the more scenic areas in central Kentucky."

Upcoming events at Floracliff include:

  • March 7: Volunteer Day - in which volunteers from the public are invited to assist in removing exotic and invasive plant species from the preserve.

  • March 28: Pollinators with Blake Newton - Kentucky Entomologist Blake Newton hosts an educational program about pollinators and their relationships with the spring wildflowers.

  • April 4: Medicinal Wildflowers with Ciara Lockstadt - Experience the spring wildflowers in bloom and learn about their historical and present day medicinal uses.

    DH said...

    Another great post! Just when I thought it was safe to start planning my vacation...what a great state I live in!

    Thanks for the link too!

    JSH said...

    I didn't have my camera when I was there last, but I'll be back when it gets warm and get a picture of the tufa.

    Also don't forget to hit Raven Run while in the area.