Friday, February 27, 2009

Spinelli's Pizza

Are there any restaurants in Louisville even more visually interesting than the delightfully garish Lynn's Paradise Cafe? Yes, there is: the terminally hip Spinelli's Pizza, located at 614 Baxter Avenue.

One wall is completely wallpapered in comic book covers. The bathroom is a masterpiece of graffiti. The floor is an exquisite mosaic of various tiles and ceramic fragments. There's a mechanical fortune teller, and a cadillac with a dining booth inside it. All this in a building that looks like something out of the Simpsons come to life. And then there's that stylin' Iron Maiden delivery van.

Oh yeah, and if it matters, the pizza is the best in town. Seriously. If you like New York style/Philly style, there's no reason to eat anyone else's filthy pizza. (Well, except Arni's, but that's over the falls in Indiana.)


=SHOW= said...

Looks like a pretty cool place, never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

it's a lincoln continental, not a caddy. awesome spot