Saturday, February 21, 2009

Falls City (the Theatre Supply Co.)

I've always loved this abandoned and rotting old building in downtown Louisville, and dearly wished they were still in business; I'd probably be one of their best customers if they were.


DH said...

Hey, if I win the lottery tonight I'll see what I can do...seriously though...I had my eye on the old Vogue Theater until they turned it in to a friggin clothing store. Do you think theater supply could still be a viable business here...even with an internet presence? I don't know much about such things but if I had the money I'd like to invest in something nostalgic and artsy.

JSH said...

I think a theatre supply company could indeed be a viable business in Louisville, since it is such a big theatre town. Currently renting lights, mikes and PA systems is pretty much limited to the Doo-Wop Shop. Getting stage makeup and costumes is a piecemeal affair, where you have to hit Caufield's and many different small specialty costume shops around the county. And for highly theatre-specific items such as gobos, you pretty much have to order 'em off the net.

I don't know what exactly the Falls City Theatre Co. sold, and it may not even have been stage-theatre stuff; there's a "theater supply" store in J-town that I was disappointed to find only sells fixtures for movie theaters.

Even if someone obtained the building, I could see using it for any purpose but just keeping the sign because it's cool, just as Selena's Restaurant chose to leave the Willow Lake Tavern neon sign out front.

It would be funny to open a bar and call it the Falls City Theatre Equipment Company.