Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Donkey Basketball

According to an article in the Lebanon, KY Enterprise, a "Donkey Basketball" event planned for Marion County's Lady Knights basketball team, has been cancelled. Council members expressed second thoughts about the event, based on new concerns that the sport is allegedly cruel to animals.

I'm betting these council members got their information from Wikipedia's page on the subject, which comes up first in a Google search. The page reads from start to finish like a total advertisement for the kooks at PETA and their skewed position, rather than a meaningful and informational article about Donkey Basketball itself.

I can certainly see an incompetently-managed donkeyball game being hard on the animals, but I don't necessarily think we can say all instances of children riding donkeys while attempting to shoot basketballs into hoops is an evil and abusive crime.

Personally, I could care less about basketball; I just think it's a shame the kids didn't get to ride donkeys.


J.T. Dockery said...

Donkey basketball was always a staple of the entertainment scene when I was growing up in rural eastern Ky.

Anonymous said...

Just because all instances aren't "evil and abusive" doesn't make it right. To err on the side of animal kindness is the appropriate decision in such instances.