Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Powerless Prisons

According to Lisa Lamb, the spokeswoman for the Kentucky Department of Corrections, it's expected that the Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville and the Western Kentucky Correctional Complex in Fredonia will be without electricity for at least four or five more weeks.

Lamb says emergency generators and kerosene heaters are being brought in to try to help keep the inmates warm. All prisoners in both institutions are on lockdown during the blackout.

According to WLKY, "extra blankets have been shipped from other prisons to the penitentiary and the department is trying to lease more generators for the prison".

I had always kind of assumed that these giant, multi-million dollar prisons had their own personal backup generator system for occasions like this. Guess not.


mho1970 said...

I have work at KSP and can attest for the cold from the stone and concrete. There are no real backups at KSP. They treat their own water from Lake Barkley out the front door and are dependent on Power for everything, heat, water, sewer (treated on site).

As for WKCC in Fredonia, they had generators, water, heat, tv. They sent all the propane salamanders and other heaters to KSP quickly. WKCC is about back to normal now.


Unknown said...

i have a brother there... i love him and miss him so much, i cant believe he is in that facillity... i sent this with all my prayers... anyone touches him i'll be out to get you