Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PETA Wants Big Brown Castrated

Those wacky kids at PETA are at it again.

They're calling for Kentucky Derby winner Big Brown to be castrated, against the wishes of the horse's owners, Michael Iavarone and Richard Schiavo, who are preparing to make him a high priced stud sire at Three Chimneys Farm. Their thinking, as far as I can tell, is that any offspring of Big Brown may be more likely to have the same kind of accidental injury as his parent. (If that logic seems fuzzy, remember that PETA is the same organization who handed out leaflets to little children that said "Your Mommy Kills Animals".)

There's been no word as far as I know that Iavarone and Schiavo are taking PETA's protest seriously. Myself, as a card-carrying member of the Kentucky-centric Old Order of Transylvanian Gentlemen, I can't support anyone who calls for the end of racetrack betting, nor anyone who disparages the holy name of Colonel Harlan Sanders.

The USA Today story is here.

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