Thursday, October 23, 2008

Accusation of Dog Molestation Leads to Murder

Originally gleaned from News of the Weird:

In 1994 in East Bernstadt, KY, one Jimmy Humfleet was charged with the murder of his own uncle, Samuel Humfleet.

According to the local sheriff, Jimmy confessed to the murder and said he did it because he caught Samuel having sex with one of the two pit bulls belonging to the owner of the trailer in which they had been partying. Earlier that evening, Jimmy had called 911 twice to report the alleged dog-molestation.

A deputy arriving on the crime scene was attacked by the dog, which was foaming at the mouth. The deputy was forced to shoot and kill it.

An autopsy on Samuel turned up no dog hairs or other evidence of molestation.

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Anonymous said...

Were the WRFL studios haunted? It seems like I remember getting strange vibes around there at times.

They had Bobby Macky's Music World on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures tonight.