Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dixie Cup Water Tower

Does this water tower, mimicking a paper Dixie cup, still exist? Last I saw, it was still intact on Harbison Road in Lexington.

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tstamps said...

Yes, Jeffrey, Dixie Cups is still there and operating, right off Mercer Road. I work right near there (just a few doors down) and can see the big Dixie Cup every day from the parking lot. It is currently the Georgia-Pacific Corporation. Incidentally, someone else posted on another site that the company wanted to remove the tower but the city refused to allow it on the basis that the airport uses it as a visual cue for landing.

Around the corner is the Coca-Cola plant with the spaceship conference room (or whatever they use it for), as seen in Weird Kentucky. In the area is also a shipping warehouse for