Friday, February 6, 2009

The Outcasts

The Outcasts from Ashland were another great lost Kentucky garage band. Their song "Loving You Sometimes" was released on the PLATO label out of nearby Milton, WV and has gradually come to be something of a belated underground hit over the years since it was originally recorded. According to band member Al Collinsworth in an interview on Garage Hangover (Where you can also download "Loving You Sometimes" as an mp3):

The record received local airplay and got on the Billboard charts. The amazing thing is that Lovin You has been released 4 different times on 4 different labels. Plato was the original release.

A second release was with a compilation record along with ZZ Tops' first release and The Allman Joys' first release (Allman Bros). I don't have a copy of this record. A third release was in 1984 with BFD records in Australia on a compilation called "Highs in the Mid Sixties Vol. 9 - Ohio". The liner notes read, "A Zombies-influenced, moody punk sound from Cincinnati, not to be confused with 18 other groups called the Outcasts!"

A 4th release was done in 2002 by Arista Records Hip-Hop Artists, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist on the very popular "Product Placement" CD. Oddly, and I don't know why, Loving You Sometimes is now a very popular hip-hop hit. Remixes have been done by DJ Shadow and DJ Ayres. LSD Phone Calls (a NYC hip-hop e-magazine wrote, "Maybe the perfect song. Garage psych dorks who hate this also hate the Zombies. Who hates the Zombies!?"


Anonymous said...

How about an article on Louisville-based Slint next?

ladylagomorph said...

I wouldn't have ever thought that this song came from a band from Kentucky. Makes me proud. Do you know if they released any other songs or was this literally their only hit?

ladylagomorph said...
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Valie said...

This is cool. I was confusing them with The Outcast from Texas. Good to know.