Tuesday, December 2, 2008

World's Stupidest Haunting Reports: Jefferson Mall Restrooms

I've already bemoaned elsewhere the rising flood of junk information on useless websites, and Strange USA is no exception.

The problem with such sites is that they open up a forum where anyone can post anything anytime. And when you're dealing with humans, that's a recipe for disaster. Not only do some people blindly cut-and-paste thirdhand unverifiable tall tales, but some just feel obligated to post and make up something, just so they can take part. Look at sites like Kiss This Guy and Urban Dictionary. Both started out as pretty useful sources of info, but quickly degenerated into their current states where most of the entries are bogus, and apparently made up on the spot by bored schoolkids.

One entry on Strange USA exemplifies the uselessness of unedited online interactivity: a report about Jefferson Mall's restrooms being haunted. It consists of one simple sentence:

The screams of a small boy can be heard coming from the mall`s main restrooms.

Oh. Like all mall restrooms aren't already filled with screaming brats? As if!

Now, if it's a real haunted restroom you want, then drive to the Combs Building on EKU's campus.

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