Monday, December 1, 2008

Abandoned Church in Anchorage

This great old church has sat empty and abandoned for a long time in Anchorage, KY. I was starting to worry that the building was falling into a bad state beyond repair, since there are open parts allowing birds and other wildlife to set up housekeeping inside.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that a realtor's sign has appeared out front, and that some renovation work seems to be in the works. Hopefully this abandoned church will be abandoned no longer.


DH said...

Geez, if only I had the money!

They pick a really good time to sell with basically no movement at all in the market recently. Oh well, maybe someone will swoop it up and rescue it nonetheless.

Deanna Brand said...

Good news! Our company sold this church last summer. The new buyer has some incredible plans and is working on a complete rennovation. Julie

Unknown said...

It's so sad when this sort of thing happens. I've just had a novel published and that has an old derelict church in it, although it is in England. There are quite a few there.