Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Joe's One-Antlered Moose

I have yet to actually eat at Joe's "Older Than Dirt" Diner in Lyndon, KY, but I often drive by it and marvel at its decorative moose in the yard with only half a rack.

Bonus: in addition to Thidwick the lopsided moose, Joe's diner also comes with two pigs in the yard. The astute UnK reader will note that they are identical to the pig that stands sentry out in front of Ole Hickory Pit Barbecue House.

Somewhere there must be some kinda "Roadhouse Restaurant Supply" store where people are getting these pigs. Or, perhaps more likely, as BBQ joints come and go, the same concrete critters get traded around, auctioned off, lent out, etc.... just like the Pigs of Vernon Lanes.


Rawpower95 said...

I recently drove by Joe's, and the moose now has no antlers!

lifeshighway said...

As a huge fan of yard art I was delighted with your find. The lost antler is wonderful bonus.

AaronJamesPatterson said...

I moved to Lyndon in 2007 and the moose had both antlers. At one point I noticed one antler had been broken off. At another point I noticed the remaining antler was twisted in a weird direction, and finally both antlers are now gone. For how long that moose has stood there, it's a shame the antlers had to go so quickly after I moved in.