Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Peaslee Sphinx

The Peaslee family plot, located in Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery, always commands attention with its huge Sphinx replica. The Peaslee Sphinx can be clearly seen on Google Maps here.

Although I'm fuzzy on the genealogy of it all, the Peaslees buried here are related to Louisville's former mayor Charles Rowland Peaslee Farnsley. Farnsley is also buried in Cave Hill, but this plot contains Ella Harper Harbeson Peaslee, Eleanora Harbeson Peaslee, and Charles Rowland Peaslee. This Charles Rowland, however, is neither Mayor Farnsley (who was born in 1907), nor is it Charles Rowland Peaslee Harbeson, who was born in 1910 and died in 1912.

Mayor Farnsley's much more modest grave can be seen here.


'Zann said...

Hi - I just came across your link here to my too long-neglected Wordpress blog about my family.

The geneaology of the Peaslee family relating to Mayor Farnsley: the Charles Rowland Peaslee & Ella Harper Harbeson Peaslee buried under the sphinx were Mayor Farnsley's maternal grandparents.

The link to Charles Rowland Peaslee Harbeson 1910-1912, shows a picture of his first cousin, my grandmother's first child. Mayor Farnsley's mother and my grandmother were the Peaslee sisters who sold the summer home to put up the Sphinx monument on their father's grave.

K said...

I am trying to figure out who the Mayor's mother was?

Zann, based on the information from your page, your mother was George-Anna Harbeson. Which makes your grandmother Ella Harper Harbeson Peaslee. Was her sister Anna May Peaslee?