Tuesday, December 30, 2008


For many years, the humble town of Fulton, KY billed itself as "The Banana Capitol of the World". Why? Well, it's complicated, but the short version is that for reasons relating to rail commerce and train car refrigeration, 70 percent of the nation's imported banana supply stopped here regularly.

Now, I'm not sure how that would make Fulton the banana capitol of the world - I mean, at best, that would make Fulton the banana capitol of the nation, right? But we'll forgive them a little America-centric thinking, because it was a good excuse to throw a heck of a party: from 1962 to 1992, the town hosted what they called the "International Banana Festival" (although to be nitpicky again, it's unclear how many other nations took part).

Best of all, the festival boasted the yearly creation of the world's largest (two tons!) banana pudding.

Although the banana train no longer passes through Fulton, I see no reason to let such a trifle spoil the festival. But no, what's done is done: the International Banana Festival has since been renamed to the less catchy Pontotoc Festival, after its historic railway station.

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