Monday, December 22, 2008

White Light Diner

One of my favorite places to nosh in our state capitol is the White Light Diner (Thanks to dhecker2000 for the photo!), run by the famous/infamous Rick Paul, restauranteur extraordinaire. It's only open for breakfast and lunch, and it's a small place, so get there early and bring an appetite. Though the White Light Diner may be "only" a tiny old-school diner, Rick is a five-star Chef and knows his onions.

He used to have a cajun restaurant out on Highway 127 which was also great, but the location was kinda humdrum, near strip-mall kinda businesses. I'm glad he's kept the White Light going all these years and made it his primary culinary home base. I had a key lime pie there once and couldn't eat it because it was just too legit for me - I actually prefer the fake green-colored cheesecakey stuff to the real thing. When I told Rick this, he shook his head at me like I was king of the louts. (I am.)

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Chef Rick Paul said...

Hey, found this picture while searching for more news stories about the White Light, we'll post on a link to your blog so users will know where it came from, but by Monday, you should be able to follow our blog at Come back and visit, as the place is going through some radical changes while maintaining everything you loved about it.

~Rick Paul